Rabbit Hole – Belltown

Seattle Bar Hoppers Rabbit Hole


2222 2nd Avenue | Belltown

Open: 4–2 daily
Happy Hour: 4–7 daily

For our first “Bar Hopper” bar, we fell into the Rabbit Hole with our friend Sam for craft cocktails and a few rounds of skeeball. Mandy and Sam’s entry was delayed in order to pet two adorable dogs who were hanging out on the sidewalk patio with their owner and a handful of smokers. However, being a somewhat chilly Black Friday, the girls—and the dogs—soon made their way inside.


This spacious yet cozy bar had plenty to offer in terms of eye-candy and atmosphere: sophisticated rabbits decorating the walls; glass-bottle chandeliers hanging over the long, Oktoberfest-style communal table with benches; and Adam, being a bit of a cartophile, appreciated the series of metropolitan transit maps stationed at each of the many booths. Sam destroyed us both at “skeeb,” winning all three rounds before we ran out of quarters.

Heads Up Seattle Bar Hoppers HEADS UP

Bring plenty of quarters for the two skeeball tracks, Family Guy pinball, and tabletop arcade machine that features several 8-bit classics. Trivia on Mondays and skeeball tournament on Tuesdays.

Bottoms Up Seattle Bar Hoppers BOTTOMS UP

With only four beers on tap, cocktails reign supreme here. We sampled and enjoyed the Jessica Rabbit, Blackmail, and Ginger Margarita.

Restrooms Seattle Bar Hoppers RESTROOMS

There are private unisex restrooms in the front and back, which are both fairly well-maintained.

Another Round? Seattle Bar Hoppers ANOTHER ROUND?

This is one of the more fun bars we’ve been to, so we’ll definitely return for a rematch against Sam—after we improve our skeebin’ skills.


bar 1 of 3 on 11/29/13: Rabbit Hole | Lava Lounge | The Retro


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