The Lookout – Capitol Hill

The Lookout Seattle


757 Bellevue Ave E | Capitol Hill

Open: 4–2  M–F, 12-2 Saturday, 11-2 Sunday
Happy Hour: All day Monday, 4-7 T-F, 12-4 weekends

Where do you find The Lookout? Near the intersection of Bellevue Ct, Bellevue Pl, and Bellevue Ave—which, for us, is a medium-sized walk to a quieter section of our neighborhood at the very end of our street. The Lookout is named so for its west-facing back-patio view of the Space Needle, Lake Union, Queen Anne, Olympic Mountains, and sunset.

We enjoy this chill bar for, among other things, its top-notch cocktails and selection of board games. During this visit, we played Cards Against Humanity and took advantage of bottomless mimosas with our friends Danica, Julie, and Marcus.

The Lookout - Seattle Bar Hoppers

The Lookout serves better-than-average bar food, has a respectable number and variety of beers on tap (about 12), agreeable prices, a pair of pinball machines, another patio up front that is smoke-friendly, and two TVs, which, on this particular Sunday afternoon, were airing the Seahawks-49ers game for a small crowd of hometown fans. There’s really not much to dislike about this bar, except perhaps for its lack of size; on nice days the back patio fills up fast, and during nights it can get pretty cramped inside.

Heads Up Seattle Bar Hoppers HEADS UP
With trivia on Tuesdays (costs money), live music on Wednesdays, and karaoke on Thursdays, The Lookout provides plenty of excuses for middle-of-the-workweek drinking.

Bottoms Up Seattle Bar Hoppers BOTTOMS UP

Um, hello? Bottomless mimosas? Yeah. This deal-of-the-century costs 15 bucks and takes place during their 11–2 Sunday brunch. Mimosa not your drink? How about $7 pitchers of PBR every Wednesday?

Restrooms Seattle Bar Hoppers RESTROOMS

There are two private, unisex restrooms.

Another Round? Seattle Bar Hoppers ANOTHER ROUND?

Of course. This is one of our favorite day-drinking bars, especially during the summer months.

bar 1 of 2 on 12/8/13: The Lookout | The Hillside Bar


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