Knee High Stocking Company – Capitol Hill



1356 East Olive Way | Capitol Hill

Open: 6-close  daily
Happy Hour: 6-7 daily

Shh! Quiet down, you daddies and dames! Knee High is a speakeasy, so mums the word! The “Stocking Company” is just a front to throw off the fuzz. You don’t need a password to enter this drum, but anyone who’s “on the trolley” will text ahead for reservations. What’s really the bee’s knees is that this joint is only a stroll across the lane from our digs.

What exactly is a “speakeasy” in present day Seattle? For the Knee High, it simply means a classy, cozy restaurant with a prohibition-era feel. Ring the doorbell, and a hostess will greet you and lead you through the curtains to your reserved seat at a table or the bar where you can ogle the vintage pin-up pictures on the wall and snap along to hot jazz and swing. Living next door, we often see groups and couples dolled-up in dapper, Roaring ‘20s swag headed to this establishment.

After a rainy day spent fighting traffic and doing last-minute Christmas chores and shopping, we were in need of a booze break, and wanted to dress up and go somewhere close. We texted a request for two seats at the bar ASAP, got the confirmation response and, within minutes, had ordered our first round of cocktails.

Heads Up Seattle Bar Hoppers HEADS UP  

Knee High’s cocktails are high quality, and are therefore expensive and take some time to make. Our drink orders sat behind several others for at least 10 minutes, each round.

Bottoms Up Seattle Bar Hoppers BOTTOMS UP

In addition to their large, standard cocktail menu, there’s a smaller menu featuring in-season cocktails. From this menu, we ordered the Egg Nog Cocktail (made entirely from scratch!), Love and Violets, Art Rock Phase, and Jack Rose—all of which rivaled any cocktail we’ve ever had!

Restrooms Seattle Bar Hoppers RESTROOMS

In this dinky, triangle-shaped restaurant, there must have been at least one restroom tucked away somewhere. We didn’t have the need to check it out.

IMG_1407Another Round? Seattle Bar HoppersANOTHER ROUND?

The expensive drinks and limited seating will prevent Knee High from becoming another one our regular hangouts. However, the drinks are too tasty, the vibe is too pleasant, and the location is too convenient for us not to swing by, once in a blue moon.

bar 1 of 2 on 12/23/13: Knee High Stocking Co. | Pie Bar


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