Rachel’s Ginger Beer – Downtown



1530 Post Alley | Downtown

Open: 10–10  daily
Happy Hour: 5-7 daily

The day after Christmas, we had planned to take a bus to the U District and knock out some bars in an area that we couldn’t reasonably walk to. However, with the buses running on their holiday schedule, we instead opted to barhop around Pike Place. Our first stop was Rachel’s Ginger Beer, located in Post Alley right by the famous ‘Public Market’ sign.


The ginger beer is fantastic, and it comes in a variety of seasonal and mainstay flavors, of which the bartenders are more than happy to give you samples of. But, if you’re like us and looking for alcoholic options, RGB offers all of their flavors in classic ginger-beer cocktails as well. Among these, we tried a Blood Orange Moscow Mule, Cranberry-Pomegranate Montana Mule, and a Mango Dark & Stormy. If those drinks don’t sound delicious to you, then I don’t know what planet you’re living on! Chatting with the bartender, he informed us that the Dark & Stormy is their only cocktail that’s made-to-order—all others are premade and on tap.

RGB isn’t so much a bar. It feels much more like a Chipotlé, with its aluminum tables and unfinished ceiling, and operates like one, too; you order from a menu behind a counter where each round is rung up. The cartoonish mural on the wall also suggests that RGB is more fast-food restaurant than pub. While plotting out the next stop on our hop, an employee brought complimentary bowls of popcorn around to all of the patrons, which was super awesome.

Heads Up Seattle Bar Hoppers HEADS UP  

Buy a growler of ginger beer to make your own drinks at home, then bring back the container for a serious discount on a refill.

Bottoms Up Seattle Bar Hoppers BOTTOMS UP

In addition to ginger-beer cocktails, RGB has boozy floats and milkshakes, as well as a few beers and ciders on tap.

Restrooms Seattle Bar Hoppers RESTROOMS

RGB does not have its own restrooms, so you have to use those located throughout Pike Place, which on this day happened to be closed.

Another Round? Seattle Bar HoppersANOTHER ROUND?

The drinks and view are both great, and the non-bar atmosphere may be perfect for sunny afternoon drinking at the market. Luckily, Rachel’s Ginger Beer is served in many restaurants and bars throughout Seattle, so you can still drink it in a more typical drinking environment.

bar 1 of 4 on 12/26/13: Rachel’s Ginger Beer | Alibi Room | Zig Zag Café | Diller Room


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