The Triple Door – Dowtown



216 Union Street | Downtown

Open: 4:30-2  daily
Happy Hour: 4-6 daily, 9-12 Sun

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and we had front row tickets to the retro, gender-bending strip-tease ballet known as Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker.

The Triple Door is a dinner theater and bar that hosts mainly NPR–friendly music artists and burlesque acts. The two basic areas of this history-rich theater are the Mainstage and the Musicquarium (spelled with a c, unlike the Stevie Wonder album) Lounge, which is named so because of its large, lifeless aquarium and small stage for small music combos.

Dressed to the 9s (or, at least the 8s), we arrived almost an hour before our show-time for libations in the lounge (which is open to anyone, with or without tickets, every evening, whether there’s a show that night or not). To our delight, it was happy hour, which meant half-priced cocktails ($5 instead of $10)! Our server was cool enough to inform us that the same drinks were offered in the theater, but at full price.  So, naturally, we attempted to drink as much, on-the-cheap, before heading in to our seats. This only resulted in two cocktails each, before we noticed a line forming for will call.

IMG_1427IMG_1433 IMG_1425

Heads Up Seattle Bar Hoppers HEADS UP  

Their food menu is Asian-inspired, moderately priced, and nothing to write home about.

Bottoms Up Seattle Bar Hoppers BOTTOMS UP

Like the food, every item on the drink menu sounds more fancy than it tastes (okay, to be fair, we didn’t sample the expensive wine bottles). Try to take advantage of happy hour in the lounge so you don’t feel too ripped off.

Restrooms Seattle Bar Hoppers RESTROOMS

A ladies’ and men’s room are located down a flight of stairs. They are large, clean, and comfortable, but expect to wait in a line if you decide to go when everyone else does—right before or after a show and, of course, during intermission.

Another Round? Seattle Bar HoppersANOTHER ROUND?

We’ve only been here for Burlesque—two consecutive seasons of the Nutcracker, and one Alice-in-Wonderland-themed show. I can’t imagine stumbling into the lounge if we didn’t have tickets for a show, and their non-burlesque events generally don’t appeal to us. With that said, the Triple Door experience is worth having. Find an excuse to go check it out!

bar 1 of 2 on 12/24/13: The Triple Door | Still Liquor


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