Diller Room – Downtown



1224 1st Ave | Downtown

Open: 2-12 Sunday-Tuesday, 2-2 Wednesday-Saturday
Happy Hour: 3-7 Monday-Saturday, all day Sunday

The night had grown even foggier leaving Zig Zag Café headed back up the hill, so we decided to take shelter in the Diller Room—our 4th bar hopping experience on the night after Christmas. Perhaps we were drawn by the lights and animated sculptures of the Seattle Art Museum (more impressive on the outside than the inside) from across the street.

This history-rich bar (give their website’s ALL-CAPS About page a read) used to be a lobby for a hotel in the founding years of Seattle, so a bright neon “Diller Hotel” sign is on display front-and-center behind the bar. This bar is incompletely divided into two sections—the entrance room with the main bar and a plethora of tables, and a backroom with booths and restrooms. On this slow night, the backroom was empty, and we sat at one of the tables near the bar and witnessed some strange interactions (feuding swingers?) between other patrons (people-watching is our second-favorite hobby, after drinking).

7 4 3

We’re gonna be honest here—we were pretty drunk well before visiting this bar, and so our photos and commentary for this post are a bit lacking. We remember ordering a Seelbach Cocktail, Dillericious, and Guns for Castro (this last cocktail was recommended by our server, and ordered because its name reminded us of the Clash song “Guns of Brixton”).

Though we had walked a similar distance to our first bar (Rachel’s Ginger Beer) of the evening, we grabbed a taxi back home. The night had grown too foggy, and we too drunk to walk the mile back.

Heads Up Seattle Bar Hoppers HEADS UP  

The Internet tells me that the food is pretty decent. We’ll have to give it a shot sometime.

Bottoms Up Seattle Bar Hoppers BOTTOMS UP

Their menu includes “House” and “Antique” cocktails (if you claim to have heard of any of them, you’re a liar). We didn’t see any traces of beer, although we’re sure they have some (they have to, right?). Again, we were three or four sheets to wind at this bar.

Restrooms Seattle Bar Hoppers RESTROOMS

One for him and one for her. They are both single-usage, large, locking restrooms with big ol’ fancy mirrors and wallpaper.

Another Round? Seattle Bar HoppersANOTHER ROUND?

This was our second visit here. Our first visit was immediately following a performance of Mozart’s Requiem at Benaroya Hall. This big, spacious bar beckons you from Seattle’s greatest cultural buildings nearby (the art museum and symphony hall), so that alone will bring us back.

bar 4 of 4 on 12/26/13: Rachel’s Ginger Beer | Alibi Room | Zig Zag Café | Diller Room


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