Clever Dunne’s – Capitol Hill



1501 E Olive Way | Capitol Hill

Open: 2–2  M-F, 12-2 weekends
Happy Hour: 2-6 M-F

Of all the bars we’ve been to in Seattle, we’ve been to none more often than Dunne’s. Sure, it’s right across the street from our apartment, but so are thirty-some other bars. What makes this Irish pub our second home is its laid-back feel and friendly bartenders that remind us of our favorite Midwest bars. 

Dunne’s has a few framed images of famous Irish people and places on its walls as well as a dartboard, a pool table, Big Buck Hunter, and TVs in every corner for watching sports. It’s large, divey-but-not-too-divey, and serves excellent bar food—which made Dunne’s the perfect choice for a Sunday of NFL championship games featuring our generation’s two best quarterbacks going head-to-head, followed by the home team squaring up against their hated rivals.

We were smart (or lucky) enough to show up just before the first game and claim three tables for our large group right in front of the giant projection screen, which was set up in our usual favorite place to sit—a small round table on a raised platform next to some of Dunne’s many large windows that open up to make this one of our favorite warm-weather bars. On all other days (like today) the bar gets a bit chilly, especially near these windows.

We drank an abundance of bloody marys, mimosas, Irish coffees, and selections from the 10-or-so draft beer options. Mandy and Sam were dressed from head-to-toe (and fingernails) in Seahawks colors.

Between games, the bar pumped us up with sporty classics such as Eye of the Tiger, We Will Rock You, and The Final Countdown before the usual jukebox mix of old-school rap and college rock took over. When it became official that the Seahawks were headed to the Super Bowl (please don’t sue us for using that term), this was the reaction at Dunne’s:

Heads Up Seattle Bar Hoppers HEADS UP  

Free trivia with cash prizes every Tuesday at 9.

Bottoms Up Seattle Bar Hoppers BOTTOMS UP

As much as we love this bar, and booze in general, there’s really nothing special about their drinks. We usually get PBR, Guinness, or generic cocktails like vodka with cranberry or soda.

Restrooms Seattle Bar Hoppers RESTROOMS

Brr! The lady’s room is a freezer. The men’s is a bit nastier (as expected), but is known to occasionally have urinal screens with mini soccer-ball-and-goal attached so you can game while you drain.

Another Round? Seattle Bar HoppersANOTHER ROUND?

We came back the very next night to eat their sandwiches, drink some beer, and play some darts. Dunne’s is where we head to if we’re too lazy to make dinner or decide on somewhere out-of-the-norm to go. This will be our second home for as long as we live on this block.

bar 1 of 2 on 1/19/14: Clever Dunne’s | Big Mario’s


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