Big Mario’s – Capitol Hill



1009 E Pike St | Capitol Hill

Open: 11–2  daily
Happy Hour: 3-4 weekdays

Still riled up, and now hungry from watching the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl, we headed to the Pike-Pine area to grab some New York style slices at Big Mario’s with some of our pals. We high-fived every person (and even a dog) along the way, and whenever a random stranger called out “SEA!” (which was quite often), we responded with the appropriate “HAWKS!” The whole neighborhood was ecstatic.

Big Mario’s is a fun place for pizza and pitchers. When they’re not playing a classic, fun movie from their large selection of VHS tapes (and even sometimes when they are), they’re known to play hard rock, hip hop, and ‘80s pop. A few Christmases ago, they had an impressive mural of characters from Gremlins 2 painted on the horizontal mirrors that span the walls behind the booths.

Other scattered pictures and signs also match this bar’s sense of humor/style. You can even test your luck with an assortment of pull-tab lottery tickets. One thing that’s never a gamble is their pizza (our favorite in Seattle), which is always thin, spicy, greasy, and delicious. Try one with a handful of their unusual toppings, or just a classic pepperoni.

HU_orange HEADS UP  

Big Mario’s delivers, in a painted-up vintage Camaro. They deliver until close, and even until 4AM Thursday through Saturday.


$1 beer during happy hour—can’t beat that price! Draft selection is limited, but the cheap beers pair best with their pizza anyway.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

There are two, locking unisex rooms decked out in graffiti where extra kegs are stored.


We love their pizza and quirkiness. It’s a great place to grab lunch and watch Encino Man.


bar 2 of 2 on 1/19/14: Clever Dunne’s | Big Mario’s


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