King’s Hardware – Ballard



5225 Ballard Ave NW | Ballard

Open: 4-2 M-F, 12-2 weekends
Happy Hour: 4-6 M-F, 3-6 weekends

King’s Hardware is where the Brawny paper towel lumberjack goes to drink whiskey, eat burgers, and play skeeball. He is at home in this log cabin bar, among the taxidermy (fish, birds, bucks, and bears), Scotch-plaid wallpaper, Bob Ross paintings of happy-little lakes and mountains, and chandeliers made from the helm of the Gorton Fisherman’s ship.

We stopped in on a Sunday afternoon with our friend and burger connoisseur, Sam (check out her burger blog!). All three of us thought highly of their food and service. King’s burgs are made-to-order (they actually cook a rare patty!), and are offered in several special varieties with toppings ranging from peanut butter to cream cheese. Not to be outdone are their cocktails, served in glass mason jars or tin, and garnished with pine tree branches.

Our stomachs full, we could no longer resist the skeeball tracks that were calling out to us from the rear of the bar. Mandy brought her A-game and, when the quarters ran out, was crowned champion of the day. Though skeeball is the big sell, an old-fashioned jukebox, Big Buck Hunter, a handful of board games, and a large back patio with retractable awning ensure you’ll be able to stave off cabin fever. You can even stumble drunkenly into the attached Rudy’s Barbershop, which may explain some of the more creative ‘dos around Ballard.

HU_orange HEADS UP  

Monday is 27¢ wing day. Plan for a packed house on weeknights.


Sunday is $4 Bloody Mary day. There’s a huge selection of bourbon and about 15 beers on tap—mostly local crafts.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

These small restrooms are shared with Rudy’s, covered in graffiti, and have those electronic paper-towel dispensers that never seem to work (where’s that Brawny Man when we need him?). The men’s has a trough.


There’s much to like about this bar; the food, drinks, service, atmosphere, and activities are all worth returning for.

bar 1 of 2 on 1/26/14: King’s Hardware | Portalis


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