Benbow Room – West Seattle



4210 SW Admiral Way | West Seattle

Open: 3-2 M-F, 10-2 weekends
Happy Hour: 3-6 daily & 10-close Sun-Th

Ahoy, mateys! And welcome aboard the Benbow Room. The airbrushed mural on the entrance’s alley wall warned us that we were in for some pirate-themed hijinks. Inside this dive bar, we sat in a section designed to look like the stern of a pirate ship and drank cocktails named Pirate Booty Juice, Wicked Wench, and Shiver Me Timbers. A bit corny? Perhaps a bit, but just the right amount.

The cheesiest thing here was the slice of cheddar given to chase our Cheeseburger Shots. One round of these tequila-based, burger-flavored shots, and our conversation became rated ARRRG! (for crude and juvenile humor).

Without a treasure map, it’s easy to walk right past this bar and into the Heartland Café, which utilizes the same building space, halls, and restrooms. Heartland serves delicious comfort food that can be ordered from the Benbow Room. We shared a Volcano—a hamburger patty topped with mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and fried onions.

There are two other areas attached to the main bar room. One is the brighter Admiral Room, which offers additional seating, local art, and a collection of board games. The other is a backroom with a second bar, pool table, pinball machine, jukebox, sofa, and small stage. Both of these rooms were empty during our happy hour visit, and are less dedicated to the pirate theme than the main bar.

HU_orange HEADS UP  

Open Mic every Tuesday from 9-12. Be sure to check their Facebook page for live music events.


The Cheeseburger Shot is a rite of passage.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

Thankfully, the restrooms are NOT labeled “Wenches” and “Swashbucklers;” perhaps because they are shared with the Heartland Café. Danica thought it was neat that she had a “crow’s nest view” over all of the stalls in the ladies room. The gents have a trough that’s only big enough for one at a time, unless you plan on doing some one-eyed pirate sword fighting. A fish tank built into the floor outside the restrooms provides extra eye candy to an already visually impressive bar.


Drinking in a pirate ship is awesome! Thank you owners for knowing where to draw the line and not making the bartenders dress like pirates or sing shanties as they serve your drinks.


bar 1 of 3 on 2/1/14: Benbow Room | Shadowland | West 5


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