Shadowland – West Seattle

Shadowland West Seattle


4458 California Ave SW | West Seattle

Open: 3-2 M-F, 10-2 weekends
Happy Hour: 3-6 M-F & 10-1 daily

We headed to the area of West Seattle know as Junction and decided to go into the first bar we saw. That bar was Shadowland, and it’s no coincidence that we saw this bar first among the many on this strip of California Ave. Its cool-blue neon sign above its tall glass base says, “Look at me! I have nothing to hide!” And it doesn’t.

What appears on the outside to be a place where you can watch sports at the bar with friendly strangers or grab a private, high-back booth for food and conversation with close friends is precisely what you’ll find on the inside. Shadowland is no dive; it’s a well-polished establishment with tiered ceilings, contemporary light fixtures, and finished wood that’s given an easiness with cartoon- and tattoo-inspired art hanging on its matte, chalkboard black walls.

We drank Moscow Mules from copper cups, local stouts, and flavored mojitos while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and fried pickles—a comfortable mix of highbrow and lowbrow that just comes naturally here.

HU_orange HEADS UP  

Shadowland promises interesting events every week: A DJ every Sunday at 9, trivia every Monday at 8, singer/songwriter nights every Tuesday at 9, and “Cyrcus Night” every Wednesday at 8. This last one apparently features aerial dancers taking advantage of the bar’s tall ceilings.


You’ll want to take advantage of their top-notch cocktails, wine, and beer selections.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

The restrooms are just as clean and put-together as the rest of this bar.


This bar is very versatile—it’s a place where we can go for food, drinks, dates, sports, live shows, or all of these at once.

Shadowland high ceilings

bar 2 of 3 on 2/1/14: Benbow Room | Shadowland | West 5


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