Elysian Brewing Co. – Capitol Hill

Elysian from Outside

1221 East Pike Street | Capitol Hill
OPEN: 11:30-late M-F, 12-late weekends
HAPPY HOUR: 4:30-6:30 Sun-Th

We were lucky enough to have the day off after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, so we made plans to meet some friends at Madison Pub and decided to grab some grub beforehand at nearby Elysian. We hadn’t been to this location before, but we had been to the one near Century Link Field, and have enjoyed their brews at many other bars around Seattle.

Elysian is playing heavy metal on the afternoon following the most important Super Bowl ever—not exactly what we preferred. Additionally, the sun was gleaming into our eyes through this brewpub’s large windows, and the biting cold was seeping into this warehouse of a bar with concrete floors.

Thankfully, Elysian’s beers came to the rescue. They have many varieties, each with an interesting name, and seem to be introducing new flavors constantly. We ordered a Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout, Men’s Room Red, Perseus Porter, and The Wise ESB. This first beer mixes in Stumptown Coffee flavors, and we later came to realize that we had ordered this beer at Shadowland just two nights ago.

Flags and pennants hang from the high ceilings, string lights outline the windows, a human skeleton hangs on the wall, and a devilish demon lurks above the exposed air ducts. These decorations are hardly enough to clutter this huge space, or draw attention away from the big silver vats peeking through the windows to the brew room.

Elysian Vats

HU_orange HEADS UP

We weren’t terribly impressed with their food. Minors are permitted until 11.


Can’t decide? Order a beer flight and sample five diverse flavors. There’s also an attractive specialty cocktail menu… but why?

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

Swinging doors are your entrance to these cold, small, and somewhat stinky restrooms.


This is a great place to come to when you’re in the mood to drink many different really good beers.

bar 1 of 3 on 2/3/14: Elysian Brewing Co. | Madison Pub | Sun Liquor Distillery


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