Madison Pub – Capitol Hill



1315 East Madison Street | Capitol Hill
OPEN: 12-2 daily

Madison Pub (or “Mad Pub,” as it likes to be called) is a gay sports bar that is a favorite of some of our friends, who we met here for pitchers of cheap beer, popcorn, and to talk about our Super Bowl experiences from the previous night. Everywhere we looked there was something to remind us of the Seahawks: The banner and balloons behind the bar, the logos on most of the bar signs and mirrors that cover every inch of Mad Pub’s walls, and the highlights that dominated the sports shows airing on the many HDTVs.

Mad Pub takes sports seriously: They open early for football games and give away cash prizes every time the Hawks score a touchdown. They also sponsor two local softball teams—the Maulers and the Pilots.

 If you’re bored at this bar, it’s your own fault—Mad Pub boasts two pool tables, three dartboards, three pinball machines, two arcade golf machines, two 8-bit classics, touch screen games like naked photo hunt (and other games, but who cares about those?), NTN trivia, pull-tab lotto, and a state-of-the-art jukebox that fills the bar with a laid-back mix of top 40, classic rock, and country. This is all in addition to weekly events and game-day surprises. We had such a good time here just catching up with our friends; we didn’t even need to take advantage of all the fun activities.

Pool Table at Madison Pub

HU_orange HEADS UP

Events all week: 7PM Tournaments for 9 Ball on Mondays, 8 Ball on Tuesdays, Darts on Wednesdays, and free pool and peanuts on Sundays.


Dollar off pitchers of Bud Light and Rolling Rock on Sundays.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

The men’s room is big and clean. The ladies’ room is also clean, but small and has no door on its single stall.


A friendly, laid back sports bar with tons to do—what more could you want?

Madison Pub Open Area

bar 2 of 3 on 2/3/14: Elysian Brewing Co. | Madison Pub | Sun Liquor Distillery


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