Sun Liquor Distillery – Capitol Hill

Walking into Sun Liquor


512 East Pike Street | Capitol Hill
OPEN: 11-2 daily
HAPPY HOUR: 4-7 daily

Sun Liquor has two locations on the hill: a distillery (this post) and a lounge. While there are some important differences between the two, one thing that remains constant is the quality of their cocktails. We’d put these cocktails up against any in Seattle. All juices are hand squeezed in front of you, and many use spirits made in their backroom distillery—visible from the bar.

Their cocktail menu changes with the seasons, and it’s always exciting to see what new concoctions are featured. One item you can be sure will never disappear is their Libby’s Mai Tai, which is so delicious, we bought our own hand pump juicer and have been attempting to recreate the recipe (we’re getting close!).

The bar itself is 1 part sophistication and 3 parts mod, thanks to a vintage wood-panel television fixed in the wall, retro refrigerator doors, and an old-school world map painted on an entire wall. On busy nights it can be difficult to find an available booth or barstool, but there is a small sidewalk patio that offers extra seating in warm weather.

HU_orange HEADS UP

This location serves food. Their burgers are classic drive-in style and super tasty. Sun also does brunch on weekends and Mondays from 11 till 3.


You can’t go wrong with any cocktail here. Prep time for drinks this nice can take a while, so be patient—especially if it’s a full house. There are a few local beer options in bottles and cans, but you can get these anywhere.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

Both Sun Liquor locations have two very well maintained unisex restrooms.


In case you couldn’t tell, we absolutely love this bar, and we’re willing to bet you will too. We came back just two days after this visit, following the Seahawks parade, for lunch and cocktails with friends.

bar 3 of 3 on 2/3/14: Elysian Brewing Co. | Madison Pub | Sun Liquor Distillery


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