In The Red Wine Bar – Phinney Ridge

Chandeliers In the Red Wine Bar


6510 Phinney Ave N | Phinney Ridge
OPEN: 3-11(ish) M-Th, 3-12(ish) F & Sat, 3-10(ish) Sun
HAPPY HOUR: 3-7 daily

Our Pre-Valentine’s Day Double Bar Double Date™ with Chris and Nicole began at In The Red Wine Bar. This bar, like this entire stretch of Phinney Ave, has a quaint, old-generation charm to it. There are chandeliers, rugs, faux fireplaces, and antique mirrors—all of which look inexpensive, but in a comforting way; like a visit to grandma’s house. The nook-and-cranny layout offers a variety of interesting seating options, and there’s even an Etch-A-Sketch hanging out on the bar, inviting you to utilize your creative capacities.

There were several awkwardnesses and annoyances throughout our visit, and two things about this bar had us scratching our heads: 

1) What’s up with your name? While it does have us thinking of red wine, “in the red” also has us thinking about unprofitable businesses. Is this a joke, oversight, or omen?

2) What’s up with your wine prices? The cheapest glasses are NOT the cheapest bottles, and the most expensive glasses are not the most expensive bottles. Are the bottles, or pours, different sizes?

Food options are limited, but what we ate was fantastic. All in all, we had a romantic wine date where we shared embarrassing vomit stories.

HU_orange HEADS UP

There is a room beyond the restrooms and kitchen that you can reserve for private parties or meetings. There’s also a small patio that looks enticing in the middle of a nice weather day.


They have some beer, too!

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

Both locking unisex restrooms are large and tidy. The few Bed-Bath-and-Beyond decorations are a nice touch and don’t clutter up the rooms.


The foundation is laid for a cute, cozy wine bar, but more attention needs to be paid to the details. As of now, we can get more for our money elsewhere.

In the Red Wine Bar Outside

bar 1 of 2 on 2/12/14: In The Red Wine Bar | The Saint


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