Gordon Biersch – Downtown

Pacific Place Downtown Seattle


600 Pine St Ste 401 | Downtown
OPEN: 11-11 M-Th, 11-12 F, 9-12 Sat, 9-11 Sun
HAPPY HOUR: 4-6:30 M-F

“Let’s go to that restaurant in the mall that has good beers.”

And with those words, multiple birds were killed with one stone. We window-shopped, had dinner, met up with a friend, and made a blog post out of it. We also drank some really good beers! In this packed-up-front, empty-in-back chain restaurant in the mall, we each ordered a flight, which consists of all six of their delicious beers—a light lager, a hef, a pilsner, a red, a dark, and a seasonal WinterBock. We toasted and tasted each one in the order that they appeared on our informative placemats.

Gordon Biersch Beer FlightGordon Biersch Beers

There are plenty of places to sit here—an indoor patio where you can people-watch mall shoppers; a bar area with a view of a number of shiny brewing vats and TVs; a large dining area in the back with beautiful, high-up views of downtown; and yet another room with tall glass doors to keep your coworker’s going-away party a little more private.

Growlers at Gordon Biersch

HU_orange HEADS UP

You’re in a mall. Have a couple beers and go see a flick at the Cineplex or take a load off while shopping.


Gordon Biersch didn’t become a sizeable mall restaurant chain without good beers. They keep it simple, brewing five quality beers and a more-than-solid seasonal.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

GB doesn’t have its own restroom, so you’ll have to go to the ones in the mall, which are close by enough, but you’ll have to walk through crowds of moms and their children while drunk if you want relief.


Gordon Biersch exceeded our expectations, the beer is great, and sometimes we need to go to the mall.

Barhoppers Gordon Biersch

bar 1 of 1 on 2/15/14: Gordon Biersch


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