Zayda Buddy’s – Ballard

Zayda Buddy's Ballard


5405 Leary Ave NW | Ballard
OPEN: 11-2 daily
HAPPY HOUR: 3-6 M-F & 10-12 M-Th, 9-3 weekends

Zayda Buddy’s isn’t a Minnesota dive bar, but a Minnesota dive-themed bar; not a Minnesota-themed dive bar, mind you.

The walls are covered with football, fishing, and old-man-beer (Stroh’s, Blatz, Schlitz) memorabilia imported from the Midwest, but the draft beers we drank were local: a Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger and a Fremont Dark Star with hazelnut and peppercorn flavors. This latter beer blew us away at first sip, and it turns out that only six kegs of it were distributed throughout Washington (way to get your hands on one, Zayda!).

We ordered a tasty crispy-crust pizza and tater tots from the humongous Midwest-inspired menu and watched our favorite guilty-pleasure TV show, America’s Funniest Home Videos, before the movie Ghostbusters took over on one of their seven televisions.

Seattle Barhoppers Seattle Zayda Bar

Being from the Midwest ourselves, we found the vibe to be accurate and comforting. The regulars drinking at the small bar, and the young family dining at one of the booths seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

HU_orange HEADS UP

Come here to watch your favorite Minnesota, Midwest, and local sports teams. During this visit, the Golden Gophers b-ball game was on.


In addition to their great beer list, Zayda also has an interesting blue-collar cocktail menu, featuring a Minnesota Pop (grape soda + vodka). From this menu, we tried a refreshing, lemony Booze Hound.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

The restrooms are both truck-stoppie and features fun surprises—the men’s has classic posters of sexy Bo Derek, Farrah Fawcett, and Vikings cheerleaders, while the women’s has studly Tom Selleck and fully-nude Burt Reynolds.


If we lived in Ballard, we’d got to Zayda Buddy’s all the time. Their huge menu and casual atmosphere—both inspired by Minnesota—would make for an easy dinner option that we’d never tire of.


bar 1 of 3 on 2/16/14: Zayda Buddy’s | The Sexton | Hattie’s Hat


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