Hattie’s Hat – Ballard



5231 Ballard Ave NW | Ballard
OPEN: 10-2 M-F, 9-2 weekends

We entered our third and final bar of the evening—Hattie’s—and found two empty stools at the quieter end of the bar, detached from the longer and louder portion, in front of the glowing-red refrigerator and under a mural of beautiful women from around the world.

From here, we were able to casually watch the best parts of the movie Ghostbusters, which we caught the beginning of at Zayda Buddy’s. It seemed only pertinent to order the first cocktail on their menu—The Bill Murray: a cocktail similar to an Old Fashioned, but with some extra boozes tossed in. 

With it, we ordered a Ballard-brewed Hilliard’s Amber Ale Tall Boy, which is always an appropriate beverage in this dive-meets-lounge-meets-diner. The plate of nachos we ate was good enough to help soak up some alcohol. 

The bar itself is both classic and classical, thanks to its ornamented wooden columns, and there are interesting murals and framed art found in every corner.

Down a hall past the restrooms is another room that offers additional seating, a projection screen, and unique experiences.

HU_orange HEADS UP

Catch bands and DJs here sporadically or play video games on classic consoles the first and third Wednesday of each month.


The drinks here are decent, and so is the number of alcoholic options. Your usual breakfast and dinner cocktails are all here, but each has it’s own Hattie’s twist.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

The restrooms are a bit above divey, thanks to a rockabilly-inspired design painted on the walls instead the expected mess of graffiti. You can read more about this in the Seattle-based Urinal Journal (Don’t you just love this city?).


Hattie’s’ no-sweat vibe might make it the easiest bar in Ballard to hang out in.

bar 3 of 3 on 2/16/14: Zayda Buddy’s | The Sexton | Hattie’s Hat


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