The Hideout – First Hill

The Hideout Bar Artwork


1005 Boren Ave | First Hill
OPEN: 4-2 M-F, 6-2 weekends

Who says there’s no good art in Seattle? The Hideout has plenty of it! That’s not to say that every one of the hundred-or-so paintings covering its walls are masterpieces, but many of them are indeed fantastic—and surely, each one contributes to the whole effect of this gallery and turns this bar itself into a work of art.

The paintings aren’t the only visually pleasing or creative aspects of this bar: The glowing red retro-fridge and fancy-pants chandeliers are nice touches as well, and a tall vending machine contains asinine things that you might find in a truck-stop bathroom dispenser or head shop.

Couches are on both sides of the main entrance, with red velvet drapes between themselves and the windows.

The cocktail menu is also full of creativity, and is divided into two categories— present loves and past loves. We tried a 24 Hours of Sun and a Sunset Over Lisbon (we must have itching for warmer weather) from the present loves side, and from the past loves, a drink called the Andy Warhol, which is a classic Cosmo that comes with a Polaroid of your self.

HU_orange HEADS UP

You can purchase many of the paintings on the wall—but not all.


The cocktails here are excellent, but take a long time to make. Be patient, as the friendly bar staff tries to keep up on busy nights—which happen to be most nights.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

Right outside the men’s room is a display cabinet that contains hand puppets arranged in way that’s reminiscent of mall shopping windows during Christmas. Inside the men’s room, the walls are covered with Beavis-and-Butthead-esque cartoon character graffiti. The ladies’ is hot pink and black, with an antique mirror and a door that isn’t always locked when you think it is. Both are single-use, and a bit on the gross and divey side.


You wouldn’t know it from its exterior, but The Hideout is an artistic haven with well-above-average cocktails. This is a bar that begs to be shown off to friends.

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