Tommy Gun – Capitol Hill



1703 E Olive Way | Capitol Hill
OPEN: 5-2 daily
HAPPY HOUR: 5-7 M-F, 5-9 Sat

Tommy Gun is a prohibition-era styled whiskey bar that, aside from a dartboard, large windows along their street-facing wall, and a few decorations that fit the bar’s theme, is fairly basic.

For Adam’s birthday, Mandy brought him here to participate in their Mixology 101 course, expertly instructed by Andrew the bartender, which they offer sporadically.

Here are some of the things the course entailed:

  • What spirits are and how they are made
  • The history of whiskey and well-known distillers
  • A sampling and explanation of bourbon, rye, scotch, and white dog (this was our first ever taste of the latter, which is a clear whiskey that hasn’t been barrel aged)
  • How to set up a home bar
  • How to prepare three classic whiskey-based cocktails—an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Whiskey Sour

Being the birthday boy, Adam was given the Whiskey Sour, which, of course, he shared with Mandy. Other prizes were awarded to those who correctly answered whiskey trivia questions. We hung around after the class for an Old Fashioned and Prince of Chicago cocktail, and got to talk with Andrew and the bar’s owner Erin.

Later, Andrew taught us how to light an orange peel on fire, and our friend Nicole stopped by to give Adam a b-day swag bag.

HU_orange HEADS UP

Get $1 off all brown booze during Whiskey Wednesdays. They have 105 whiskeys to choose from!


In addition to their whiskey and cocktail menu, there are a few choice beers andci ders on tap, and we even got to sample their house-made ginger beer.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

The private men’s and ladies’ rooms are clean and spacious.


It’s nice to know that there’s a bar nearby with great drinks and a friendly and knowledgeable bar staff.

bar 1 of 1 on 2/25/2014: Tommy Gun


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