Tini Bigs – Queen Anne



100 Denny | Queen Anne
OPEN: 4-2 daily
HAPPY HOUR: 4-6 daily

We had been wanting to attend one of Tini Bigs’s Mad Men viewing parties for several seasons now, and we had finally ran out of excuses not to go—it was the season finale, we had the following day off (Memorial Day), and our friend Corrie had come to visit us from Ohio.

For this occasion, the girls dressed up like characters from the show. When we arrived at Tini Bigs (or, as Corrie preferred to call it,  Tig Ol’ Bitties) the famous ending of the original Planet of the Apes was projected onto the back wall while top-forty hits played throughout this Martini bar.

At 9:00, the bartender cut the movie and the music to start the show, which, to our dismay, had begun at 8:07! We, and the one other couple who showed up for Mad Men, ended up seeing the last seven minutes of the episode, which had aired an hour early this week so that AMC could promote some new awful show. Some major plotlines had been spoiled, but we stuck around for the second airing that was to begin at 10:07.

When the show finally began, it constantly had to compete with the bass and noise coming from the adjacent bar, Hula Hula (speaking of spoilers), that only got louder every time the back door between bars opened, which was very often.

HU_orange HEADS UP

While we waited for the second showing, we each ordered our own custom meatballs. Tini Bigs allows you to choose a combination of a variety of balls, sauces, and servings.


Tini Bigs has really good cocktails! We had a few libations from their special Mad Med menu (Mad Menu?), in addition to a Dirty Girl Scout and an Old Fashioned from their regular menu.

restrooms_Orange RESTROOMS

There’s a private room for the ladies and gents right across from the door to Hula Hula.


We wouldn’t watch Mad Men here again—too many distractions—but the bar has a subtly sexy vibe and better-than-most cocktails. And, if things ever get too dull here, you don’t even need to step outside to hop to the next bar…

bar 1 of 2 on 5/26/2014: Tini BigsHula Hula


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